Sites for Free 3d model, 3d resources. Regularly updated.

I know the pain when you can’t find the proper 3d model for an ongoing project with a tight deadline.
To assist your 3d artwork journey, sharing some useful websites for Free 3d models and other CG/3d related content. Kindly check that some are free for commercial usage, some are for personal use.
Most sites are safe to use. And I’ll update the list regularly. Most reliable & popular sites will get a separate section. Stack all other websites as per their category sections. Use extra caution for some less known sites in generic category.
And if you know any other site, kindly share. I’ll check and add to the list. Also, add you as a contributor.
Welcome to share your thoughts, suggestions, critiques below. 

3d Warehouse

Biggest free 3d model archive. Quality varies but prominent manufacturers post high-quality models of their products.
When you search, just increase the file size to find high-quality models.

GrabCAD & CAD Resources

A popular CAD community. Many professional engineers use it regularly. If you search properly may find lots of high-quality and detailed 3d model for free.

More free CAD resources. many free CAD resources but careful about the free user’s restrictions.
3dcontentcentral free CAD models for SolidWorks and other tools. Official site. Steel structure related resources and CAD files.

Free 3d assets from premium sites

Please note, you need to subscribe or create a user account in order to download any free asset.
3dsky Some nice free models from a premium asset provider. Popular marketplace for user-made premium content. Offering some nice free 3d assets.
turbosquid. More popular marketplace. Free high-quality model can be found. Alongside premium models they shared some free character models and can use for commercial purposes too. another marketplace offering some 3d models alongside premium ones. good amount of free model offered by them. free contents from many users and evermotion too. Very good free model from this marketplace. Good quality but not many freebies. Only for the personal test, no commercial usage.
Unity assetstore free offering from the most popular game engine. For Unity only.
Unreal marketplace Freebies from the most powerful AAA game engine marketplace. Also, some paid content becomes free for a month.

Free assets from CG communities Very high-quality content made by top artists. Very high-quality content made by top artists. Some nice tree models. Great community.

HDRI Haven

A high-quality HDRI is very important to achieve good lighting. And all the HDRI in this site is premium quality but fully free for commercial usage. Greg Zaal, is the owner of the site and a great guy. Check out their other sites TextureHaven and 3dmodelHaven.

More HDRI sites

BlenderKit & Blendermada

BlenderKit is a Library for blender models, textures, sculpting brushes.
Blendermada is a library for blender materials.
Even if you use other 3d tool, can easily convert and use any blender model.

PBR Textures & images

I’ll add new links here. check regularly.
cc0textures. Good PBR asset library by Lennart Demes. added material for Unreal, unity along the textures. By talented young artist Dorian Zgraggen.

3d Print, Scan related sites cnc, woodwork,3d printable free models. Some models from a professional 3d scanning company.

Autodesk Online Gallery

Nice collection of various assets. Nice place to showcase projects if you use Autodesk products.

Sweethome3d library.

Sweethome3d is a basic 3d app used by many people. Very easy for a inexperienced or beginner. And it’s free library contains the most basic furniture’s interior furniture.

3d models from NASA

Models of various space vehicle, spaceship and more Shared by NASA. Many other interesting content you may find there.

A vast library of high-quality sketchup 3d models, textures, material, tutorials, etc. Some talented artists run this non-profit venture. They allow commercial use of the contents. Some limitations for free members, club member’s need to do a small donation and enjoy extra facilities. Actually, the free account is enough for a regular user.

Some generic websites for 3d models.

archive3d. Good library.
free3d. Nice free models. Sub-Brand of Turbosquid.
Syncronia. High-quality architectural contents from reputed designers. user made free model archive. Premium quality models for free. Large library, highest traffic. Contents from the site are not allowed for commercial purpose but okay for personal use. old but good models for 3ds max. good site for free 3d model, textures. A site for for 3d car models. small library but useful for some cases.

Turbosquid &
CG Trader

Popular marketplace for 3d assets. And, they offer free models. But, you need to login/create an account to download any free asset. And, if you purchase any model, double-check the seller and verify they used licensed software/tool to create the model.

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